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              In the process of turning the plate into a finished spiral air duct, the manufacturers, installation companies and owners are all responsible for their own work, and the cooperation between them is not very close. Therefore, many problems in the actual operation process can not be solved scientifically, which makes it impossible for excellent plates to give full play to their excellent performance after being made into spiral cyclone tubes, which seriously restricts the realization of energy conservation and environmental protection goals of the air-conditioning system.


              The strength of stainless steel plate shall be higher than that of ordinary steel plate. Before seaming with stainless steel plate, forming test shall be carried out to avoid excessive wear or mechanical accidents caused by equipment * load operation. Due to the poor plasticity of the aluminum plate, it is easy to crack during the forming of the seaming. The forming test should also be carried out before construction. At the same time, because the aluminum plate is lack of elasticity, the aluminum plate air duct cannot be seamed with a snap fit.



              Installation precautions


              1. Rivet falling off: operate according to the process, check after riveting, and use appropriate screws.


              2. Improper connection of air duct flange: use a square ruler to align the flange to make it perpendicular to the straight pipe edge, and the four sides of the pipe orifice are properly flanged.


              3. Air leakage at the four corners of flange flanging: the flanging from the front of the segment pressure opening to the chamfer and overlap of the undercut shall be leveled, and the four corners shall be free of cracks.


              The above is a detailed introduction to the ventilation pipes in Jinan. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.globalcarsourcing.com


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