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              To create a durable and beautiful home kitchen in a small indoor space, make the indoor space look free of congestion, make the kitchen cabinets personalized and fashionable. To better rely on all kinds of kitchen appliances and equipment in a small space to achieve the practical role of unique and harmonious things, we need to use our brains. In order to facilitate the positioning of the air duct, the method of hoisting the air duct on the scaffold and then lifting it on the air duct support is generally adopted. The scaffold shall be erected along the length of the air duct, and the height and position shall be suitable for the construction operation. The hoisting sequence shall be from the main pipe to the branch and riser. When hoisting, the lifting points shall be firm, and the two lifting points shall be uniformly stressed. The vertical air duct can be placed manually and with the help of large ropes. Adjust the air duct to ensure the perpendicularity requirements.


              The manufacture and installation of ventilation pipes have a great impact on the gas flow effect, so after the installation of ventilation pipes, quality acceptance must be carried out. Before the pipeline hoisting, check the flatness and design elevation of all support frames, and check the firmness and level of the support frames. The ventilation duct can be hoisted in two ways: immediate and hoisting tools. For the ventilation duct with small cross section and low position, the manual service hoisting method can be used. Only simple steel pipe scaffold can be erected. When the cross section of the ventilation pipe is large and the pipe is long, movable pulley, chain block, large rope and other methods can be used for lifting.


              The current lampblack purification technologies have their own characteristics. As long as they meet the relevant national product standards and obtain the qualification inspection and certification of the national designated testing department, they should be recommended for use. Any technology can only be continuously improved and improved with the support of a certain market, which is the need for the survival of enterprises and the condition for technology improvement.


              Fume is the volatile oil, organic matter and its heating decomposition or pyrolysis products in the process of food cooking and processing. It contains acrolein, a strong irritant to human organs, and benzopyrene, a carcinogen. Kitchen lampblack can invade human respiratory tract with air, and then cause symptoms such as anorexia, upset, listlessness, lethargy, fatigue and weakness, which is called lampblack syndrome in medicine. At present, there are dozens of flange free connection forms of stainless steel welded air duct, and new forms are emerging constantly, but according to its structural principle, it can be divided into five types: socket, strip, bite, sheet iron flange and hybrid connection. Flangeless connection is mainly used for air duct with small side length, including C-shaped connection and S-shaped connection.


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